Love Letter: Bridging a Cultural Divide

Love Letter: Overcoming Challenges, Together.

Associations normally appear with their honest share of problems, both of those major and modest. Having said that, learning to conquer these road blocks can fortify your relationship.

Nathan Friedman and Amanda Winer, who fulfilled all through a Birthright Israel journey in 2015, realized swiftly that a minor adversity can be a bonding knowledge. Several hours into their to start with day, in January 2016, Mr. Friedman experienced an allergic response to some thing he experienced eaten through their meal. As a substitute of currently being turned off, Ms. Winer jumped into action and nursed Mr. Friedman back again to health and fitness with the assist of Benadryl.

A handful of yrs afterwards, in 2019, they faced a extra extreme hurdle when Mr. Friedman was diagnosed with a lifestyle-threatening issue that essential many surgeries to repair. Via it all, they endured each and every challenge together, which only proved to strengthen their bond. The few were married on May well 30 at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Conn.

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